Founder of G for Men, Tony Thompson is a modest country boy from a small town of less than 300 people. He is inspired by God, family, and hip-hop culture. The former college football player [N.C. State & former West Point Cadet candidate] is a dedicated father and husband who believes that everyone should Grind Relentlessly for Your Truth… {GRYT}. He believes that life is part art and part science. He believes in being a trail blazer and never being persuaded to assimilate just to fit in. We all have a divine purpose to live out our inner legends. Someday, hopefully he will be known for the legacy of G for Men. More about Tony T is on the way — stay tuned!

Tony is ultimately a creative who was inspired to merge the worlds of Contemporary Art, Pop Culture, and Men’s Grooming. This brain child became known as GforMen. He creates eclectic art and strategically places them on the bottles of his products.

Why is he motivated to do this? He looks at it as a form of spiritual expression. He has always known the works of art are bold, eclectic, and meaningful.